Make It Your Own

Industrial Design

“Make it your own was all about creating tool for yourself as a designer”
I choose to design a set of 3 hammering tools to follow 3 gestures I frequently use as a designer-maker. I constantly use my palm and my fingers to align and move objects by slightly knocking of them.

tip : finger hammer – Rethinking tool/jewellery relationship. Inspired by a diamond ring for a graceful and gentle tapping.

stubb : palm hammer – Follows the principals of primal tools, the STUBB is the replacement tool for the palm-of-hand knocking used to gently shift objects.

cochilea : echo – Inspired by hearing testing aides increases the tap sound on large cast molds to determine if the porcelain detached from the mold.

End Term project @ The Design Academy Einthoven | Care and Guidance: Frans Ottink