Idea / UX / UI / WP8

Accentiles is my first run at a WindowsPhone app.
The app was designed as part as the “App for the Future” contest held by Microsoft and Core77. Accentiles take a fun approach to WF8 accent colors. By taking a picture and analysing the colors the app sets the phone’s accent color (theme) based on the users mood, location, clothing or anything else the user takes a picture of.
Accentiles also serves as a micro social network of people who share their “accent” and photo with others.

The app won honourable mention.

When designing Accentiles I followed the WindowsPhone guidlines to the full.

“Very very simple. Does one thing well, and could be an entertaining way to personalize your phone.” —Jennifer Bove

This one has a way with naming—I love “accentilize”—the social aspect is the most interesting, sharing colors rather than theme-ing your phone.” —Eric Ludlum